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Kundalini Wellness Plan®

Transition Stress Management, Inc. was founded in 1999 to establish an international network of stress management service delivery that can effectively meet the requirements of corporations around the world so that the everyday stress of business people can be relieved. The services we deliver are known as the Kundalini Wellness Plan.

The Kundalini Wellness Plan is based upon the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, as developed into a successful program of teaching Kundalini Yoga in the business environment that has enriched many large organizations.

Kundalini Wellness Plan courseware has been specifically designed for reducing the stress and depression of workers onsite in the corporate environment. Applied to the workplace, this technology can enrich your employees' professional and personal lives, unleash creativity, and usher in a new era of productivity. All that is required is a corporate commitment to make it happen.

Yoga Secrets for Business Success

Everyone knows that yoga can reduce stress. Here is the first book to show how it can also bring success to any aspiring businessperson. Darshan Khalsa spent over twenty years working in Fortune 500 companies, learning along the way that he and his colleagues needed better coping mechanisms to meet head-on the daily challenges of high-pressure work, even while improving their productivity. He turned to Kundalini Yoga, and eventually began his own yoga consulting business.

Yoga Secrets for Business Success contains the simple exercises and meditations--some can be practiced right at the office--that Khalsa has been teaching to corporate clients for the past two decades. In twenty-eight no-punches-pulled illustrated chapters, his book shows readers how to relax inside of three minutes, energize immediately, handle sleep deprivation, relieve headaches, conquer fear and depression, manage anger, improve decision-making, sharpen concentration, improve self-esteem, and discover personal magnetism. Throughout the text, anecdotes from Khalsa's students and colleagues attest to the success of these techniques.

Yoga Secrets for Business Success and its Spanish translation Secretos de Yoga para Éxito en los Negocios have received the Kundalini Research Institute Seal of Approval. This is a book for loved ones and co-workers who may be stressed out.

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Yoga Secrets for Business Success is available as a paperback book through the Akal Treasures ebay store or as a Kindle ebook at

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