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Kundalini Wellness Plan®

Kundalini Wellness Plan is a stress management service that relieves the everyday stress of business people right within their workplace.

The Kundalini Wellness Plan is based upon the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, as developed into a successful program of teaching Kundalini Yoga in the business environment that has enriched many large organizations.

Kundalini Wellness Plan courseware has been specifically designed for reducing the stress and depression of workers onsite in the corporate environment. Applied to the workplace, this technology can enrich your employees' professional and personal lives, unleash creativity, and usher in a new era of productivity. All that is required is a corporate commitment to make it happen.

How It Works

Certified Kundalini Yoga teachers deliver stress management classes at your worksites one or more times each week. Because your company is paying for these classes, sufficient regular attendance is assured so that you can anticipate a solid return on investment.

Kundalini Wellness Plan delivers the consistency that large organizations expect from their service providers: experienced teachers, identical class content, conformity to your corporate code of conduct, measurable results, productivity improvement with increased presenticity, and a volume discount.

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Stress and depression are the biggest obstacles to productivity in the workplace today. Scientific research shows that yoga and meditation can enhance the physical and mental wellness of your employees.