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"The Kundalini Wellness Plan is a cohesive, systematized protocol for providing yoga in the workplace in a practical, effective manner. Research on Kundalini Yoga has shown its efficacy in reducing stress, elevating mood and quality of life, improving cognitive performance and sleep, among other benefits. These improvements are important in the occupational setting towards improving job performance and worker creativity, enhancing employee health, well-being and retention and reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, all of which will improve worker and corporate productivity. By any measure, it is therefore a sound investment for any business organization."

--Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Director of Research, Kundalini Research Institute

Participants enthusiastically describe their experiences with yoga in the workplace, and here are some examples:

"I feel very fortunate to have learned Kundalini Yoga, especially the breathing and basic spinal energy exercises, and find them necessary for me to maintain general wellbeing and cope with both physical and psychological workplace stress."

--Ben Bowen, Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California

 “The benefits of Kundalini Yoga classes are numerous. I felt more relaxed and focused than I had in a long time. This helped me understand how to manage my own stress levels in an effective way. I learned breathing and exercise techniques that I have applied to my whole life. I recommend this course to anyone interested in reducing stress and looking for an alternative to the typical workout routines.”

--Diane King, Manager of Learning and Development, MicroAge, Tempe, Arizona

“I find I've come to rely on my yoga class and I miss it greatly when I can't take a class. Kundalini Yoga straightens me up from my computer crunching posture and revitalizes me, allowing me to continue with my hectic schedule.”

--Justine Gibb, Intuit,
San Diego, California

“Practicing Kundalini Yoga in the middle of the day greatly improves my concentration and productivity, and it reduces workday stress.”

--Kate Godfrey, Intuit,
San Diego, California

“I am gaining greater strength than I thought. This class is bringing me awareness to growth I did not foresee.”

--Steve Duncan, hotel chain International Operations Center, Phoenix, Arizona

“The deep breathing made me realize how seldom I just sit and breath deeply. By the time we were done, I felt more relaxed, centered and had more energy.”

--Darlene Sutherland, hotel chain International Operations Center, Phoenix, Arizona

“The exercise with the eight-part breaths was a very profound experience for me. I am making it a regular part of my routine. We do outplacement and management training here and I believe that the kind of stress management you offer is perfect for many of our clients.”

--Brenda Taylor, Management Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia

Meditation follows yoga exercise as a natural evolution