Transition Stress Management

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Participants enthusiastically describe their experiences with yoga in the workplace, and here are some examples:

“The benefits of Kundalini Yoga classes are numerous. I felt more relaxed and focused than I had in a long time. This helped me understand how to manage my own stress levels in an effective way. I learned breathing and exercise techniques that I have applied to my whole life. I recommend this course to anyone interested in reducing stress and looking for an alternative to the typical workout routines.”

--Diane King, Manager of Learning and Development, MicroAge, Tempe, Arizona

“I find I've come to rely on my yoga class and I miss it greatly when I can't take a class. Kundalini Yoga straightens me up from my computer crunching posture and revitalizes me, allowing me to continue with my hectic schedule.”

--Justine Gibb, Intuit,
San Diego, California

“Practicing Kundalini Yoga in the middle of the day greatly improves my concentration and productivity, and it reduces workday stress.”

--Kate Godfrey, Intuit,
San Diego, California

“I am gaining greater strength than I thought. This class is bringing me awareness to growth I did not foresee.”

--Steve Duncan, hotel chain International Operations Center, Phoenix, Arizona

“The deep breathing made me realize how seldom I just sit and breath deeply. By the time we were done, I felt more relaxed, centered and had more energy.”

--Darlene Sutherland, hotel chain International Operations Center, Phoenix, Arizona

“The exercise with the eight-part breaths was a very profound experience for me. I am making it a regular part of my routine. We do outplacement and management training here and I believe that the kind of stress management you offer is perfect for many of our clients.”

--Brenda Taylor, Management Consultant, Atlanta, Georgia

Meditation follows yoga exercise as a natural evolution