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Yoga At Your Workplace

Health Fair Participation

If your company is holding a Health Fair for employees in the near future, we would love to participate. During the Health Fair, employees will have a chance to experience what it is like to practice brief exercises of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and to sign up for classes at your facilities.

Please let us know about your upcoming Health Fairs in your area.

Kundalini Wellness Plan Subscription

For optimal results and return on investment, subscribe to regular yoga classes at your facilities. Our professional Kundalini Yoga instructors deliver these services in person for maximum impact.

Based upon our standard courseware, yoga sessions are held once, twice or more often per week for one hour during the morning, lunchtime or late afternoon at your workplace under a renewable annual contract. Productivity metrics are tracked.

Our standard courseware consists of eighty classes grouped into eight themes that gradually develop the physical flexibility, nerve strength and meditative capacity of your employees. Multiple classes may be held during a particular day to accommodate all participating students based upon preregistration. New students may join the ongoing regular classes at the completion of a separate series of twenty beginners classes. Handouts are downloadable from the Kundalini Wellness Plan web portal so participants may further practice on their own. Kundalini Wellness Plan courseware has received the Kundalini Research Institute Seal of Approval. This Seal is given only to products that have been reviewed for accuracy and integrity of the sections containing the 3HO lifestyle and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

Executive Stress Management Course

This course introduces your executive management team to yoga for stress management. During the course of ten sessions each one hour in duration, participants practice yoga sets and exercises to balance the brain, strengthen the nervous system, and clear the mind. The energy system of the body is explored and the yogic perspective on leadership is discussed. Deep yogic meditation is introduced.

Half Day Stress Management Workshop

The Half Day Stress Management Workshops are thematic and focus on health, well-being and balance. We offer six different half day workshops:

  • Introduction to Stress Management
  • Stress Reduction and the Self
  • Strong Nerves, Strong Magnetic Field
  • Heart Center and Healing
  • Calm and Peaceful
  • Healthy Living

During these four-hour workshops, the participants are given a number of concrete tools to manage stress more effectively during their daily routine. Techniques for alleviating insomnia and for improving spinal flexibility are presented. The workshops are relatively short, but they are intensive and full of practice with meditation and yoga sets. Handouts are downloadable from the Kundalini Wellness Plan web portal so participants may further practice on their own.

Meditation Protocol

Onsite meditation instruction is provided for all of your employees, who may then subsequently practice the protocol on their own time, typically for 12 minutes a day. One-hour meditation protocol training sessions are held multiple times over the course of several weeks so that all of your employees will have an opportunity to participate. Participants learn to practice a particular meditation for mental balance, cleansing the subconscious, and memory improvement. Handouts are downloadable to participants through the Kundalini Wellness Plan web portal.


The lecture provides an introduction to what yoga is, and how it feels to actually practice it. The lecture introduces basic yogic concepts and gives participants the opportunity to practice a short yoga set so that each person can gain an experience of what it feels like to be relatively free of stress. The lecture format is of short duration and therefore ideally suited for events such as conferences, annual meetings, conventions, seminars, and other large gatherings.

Employees consistently tell us they look forward to the time when they can get into an onsite yoga class and shed their daily stress. Regular classes two or three times a week helps keep them feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.